William J. Schmitz

National Commander-In-Chief - Navy

Hal J. Roesch II

National Sr.. Vice Commander-in-Chief - Air Force

Matthew M. Mihelcic

National Jr. Vice Commander-in-Chief - Air Force


Lloyd Hansen

State Commander - Marines

Richard Lee

State Sr. Vice Commander - Army

Brian Walker

State Jr Vice Commander - Air Force

Alfred Irving

State Judge Advocate

Daniel Walcott

State Surgeon - Marines

John Scott

State Quartermaster/Adjutant - Navy

Kelly McDuffie

State Chaplain

Kimberly King

State Chief of Staff

Eric Spurbeck

State Inspector

Michael Rhew

Immediate Past State Commander - Army

Henry Hooper

National Council of Administration


Kyle Payne

District 1 Commander

David Brock

District 2 Commander

Jim Haney

District 3 Commander

David Mooney

District 4 Commander

Hundley Ford

District 5 Commander

Darrell Birk

District 6 Commander

Wilis Cunningham

District 7 Commander

Rick Owens

District 8 Commander

Randal Martin

District 9 Commander

Cassandra Williams

District 10 Commander

Ken Newberry

District 11 Commander